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We strive to create a “food-before-medicine” society to enrich society’s future

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First of all, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders from the bottom of my heart for their continued loyalty and support.

The fiscal year ending March 2017 saw us improve the know-how that we have acquired over the years to further evolve our business model. Consequently, our performance remained strong in both MFD and marketing, resulting in record high sales and profit.

Actually, many different business opportunities await us in the business environment surrounding us at the moment, given the forecasts for an increasing elderly population, expanding market for food delivery services, and a rise in lifestyle-related diseases.

We endeavor to further scale up our two existing businesses, MFD and marketing, without missing out on these opportunities by continuing with revenue stream diversification from the sharpening of our competitive edge and reinforcing our internal system while at the same time launching and growing new businesses.

The whole company will continue to work as an integrated team towards further business development and expansion. We hope that all our shareholders will be willing to continue to give us their generous support in the future.


Fundely Co., Ltd.
President, Founder
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