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Investor FAQs

About Fundely

  • When was the company established?
    Our company was established on September 25, 2000.
    Where does the company name come from?
    Please see the “Corporate Philosophy” page.
    What is your corporate philosophy?
    Please see the “Corporate Philosophy” page.
    When was the stock listed?
    Our company went public on June 25, 2015.
    Where is the stock listed?
    Our company is listed on the Market of the High-growth and Emerging Stocks (Mothers) section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    What is your security code number?
    The security code of our company is 3137 (Classification: Retail trade).
    What is the trading unit for the stock?
    Our company adopts the unit share system of 100 shares as one unit, and therefore the trading unit is 100 shares.
    When is the end of your fiscal year?
    The fiscal year end of our company is March 31 every year. We publish our financial results quarterly. For the schedule, please see the “IR Calendar” page.
    When is the annual general meeting of shareholders?
    Our company’s general meeting of shareholders is held in late June every year.

Business description

  • What is your business description?
    Please see the “Business Model” page.


  • Please let us know the latest results.
    Please see the “Financial Data” page.

Returns to shareholders

  • How much is the dividend?
    We regret that we currently do not pay dividends.
    Do you have shareholder incentives?
    We regret that we do not have shareholder incentives. Further, at this time, we have no plan to introduce such incentives. We appreciate your understanding.