Individual headertop


Efficient acquisition of customers through its network of promoters

After more than ten years of effort, Fundely has built up a network of about 21,000 promoters, including medical institutions and pharmacies, across Japan. In fact, this business model, in which doctors and dietitians who form the above network introduce potential customers to “mealtime” allows us to create a high entry barrier for competitors.

Specialist counseling by qualified dietitians and registered dietitians

All customer service operators at Fundely are qualified or registered dietitians. When you place an order by telephone or other means, they will always ask you questions about what dietary restrictions you have, your blood test results, and so on, so that they can take your answers into account and propose the diet most suitable for you by taking advantage of their specialist knowledge as dietitians so as to help you improve your blood test results.

Menu development backed up by expertise

Fundely offers a great diversity of set meals (over 200 varieties), including “Healthy Diet” for hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and the like, and “Protein Controlled Diet” for kidney diseases, by making the most of the specialist knowledge of dietitians and registered dietitians, as well as over ten years of feedback that the company has received from many customers. Furthermore, more than half of the menu is replaced by new meals every three months when a new issue of “mealtime” is published to design menus around the ingredients of the season.