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For Our Employees

Human Resources

As clearly stated in the company's "Action Guidelines for Employees" to "respect the taking on of challenges," Fundely sincerely wishes every customer good health and is ready to make bold moves to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities.
At the same time, we also place great emphasis on the personal growth of each member of the company, based on our "high compensation for high performance and high positions for high integrity" principle.
We give our employees four performance evaluations each year and make sure that they are evaluated fairly and equally.

Promotion of Diversity

Many women play active roles as registered dietitians and dietitians in Fundely. We believe that by providing a working environment that is easier for women to work in and establishing a system that allows many different types of human resources to demonstrate their different abilities, we can further increase our competitiveness.

At present, Fundely has one female director on its board, and has pushed for the empowerment of its female employees, with women accounting for over 60% of all employees and 36% of all managerial positions. Going forward, we will keep appointing talented personnel to key roles, regardless of gender. (*The above numbers are taken at the end of June 2018.)

Promotion of Health-Oriented Management

Fundely has set forth the following as promises:

Our Promises

  • We will follow our Corporate Philosophy thoroughly.

  • We will become dietary evangelists who propagate the excellence and necessity of food before medicine.

  • We will not smoke.

We believe that in order to realize our vision of "helping as many customers as possible to enjoy dietary health and pleasure, thereby contributing to enrich the future of society," ensuring our own good health is crucial first and foremost.
To this end, no employees or internal or external board members of the company are smokers.
If the person we want to hire is a smoker, we require them to quit smoking prior to joining the company.

The rate of personnel completing regular heath checks is 100% every year, because we aim to find and treat diseases at an early stage. Additionally, we hold regular interviews between personnel and industrial doctors and conduct an annual stress check to raise employees' awareness regarding disease and stress.
Today, medical spending has snowballed due to population aging, a declining birth rate, and a surge in patients with lifestyle-related diseases as a result of more opportunities to eat out, which makes it difficult to maintain the current social insurance system where patients foot the medical bills.
Under such circumstances, we should implement dietary control first if we want to contribute to the reduction of medical spending and promote good health. If problems still remain, we can then turn to treatment by medicine. Defining this notion as "food before medicine," we are promoting its excellence and necessity as dietary evangelists.

Welfare Benefits and Systems

happy! Travel

We organize a company trip each year and are planning to visit all 47 prefectures over 47 years starting from 2016. (Even though we have already visited some prefectures on earlier trips before 2016, those trips do not count).
All board members and employees as well as their children up to elementary school age are entitled to join these trips. (When an employee brings their children, their spouses can also accompany them.) The expenses of these company trips, including those incurred by family members, are borne by the company.

Wedding Cash Gift System

When a board member or employee is invited to a wedding party as a guest of honor, a wedding cash gift of 1,122,000 yen is provided. (This system applies only when certain conditions are met.)

Bother/Sister System

Every new employee is mentored by an experienced employee as their Brother or Sister for a year. The aim of this support is to give every new employee a good understanding of Fundely's corporate philosophy and business policies, while at the same time helping the employee achieve personal growth as a working member of the society.

Child Benefits

Employees with children are given 10,000 yen per child until their children finish elementary school, so that employees can raise their children without worry.

Child-Rearing and Nursing-Care Leave System

Fundely is making efforts to help employees balance work, child-rearing and nursing care. The company also has a system that allows shorter working hours after taking a child-rearing leave, which is utilized by employees. We are determined to improve the system so as to create a working environment where people can work with a sense of fulfillment.