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For the Environment and Our Community

We will continue to make bold moves in order to contribute to the creation of a more sustainable environment and society through “food.”


Participation in volunteer work abroad as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer

Shinkai, one of our registered dietitians, once joined the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers program and did volunteer work in the Republic of Guatemala. For more information about this, please visit the blog below (Shinkai, front right in the photo below).



Support for community activities

DREAM V, a social welfare corporation operating in the Kita ward of Tokyo, where our head office is located, has opened a new salon for intergenerational exchanges, named “Kirigaoka Salon Akashiya,” in the Kirigaoka Central Shopping District in the ward. Being a company committed to the development of a more sustainable society, we have made a donation to the corporation, as part of our efforts to help stimulate the local community. We also attended the salon’s opening ceremony on June 2, 2016. In this way, we place great importance on exchanges with our local community.
Kirigaoka Salon Akashiya: 1-9-3-7 Kirigaoka, Kita-ku, Tokyo (inside the Kirigaoka Central Shopping District)

Akashiya door
Akashiya air conditioner
Akashiya espresso machine
Akashiya menu