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Fundely Starts
a Revolution to Usher in
a "Food-Before-Medicine" Society

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our shareholders for their loyalty and support.

Reason for achieving operating profit ratio of 21%

The three-year trend in our operating profit ratio shows 18.8% for FY2016, 19.6% for FY2017 and 21.0% for FY2018, making the average ratio 19.8%. This shows that Fundely has a higher profit ratio compared to other listed companies in the retail sector due to our excellent business models.

For the MFD Business, we followed a model that leverages a network of medical institutions and have been successful in creating advantageous conditions for gaining new customers.

Meanwhile, in the Marketing Business, we have established an original business model that organically combines the MFD Business, a medical institution network and a dietitian network, and we aim to continue developing this business into competitive and unique operations.

Offering ideas for healthy and enjoyable diets to as many customers as possible

In the previous fiscal year, we completed the procurement of 5 billion yen for the construction of a new plant and are ready to expand our business.

I am confident that we can deliver results if we think through the essence of business more than anyone else does, take risks, truly wish to contribute to the future of Japan through resolving social issues, and are fully and collectively committed to our goals.

This challenge of starting a new plant is exciting and we feel more reassured now that we have many reliable peers to work with, compared to when we went through painstaking challenges in starting the Company. Please look forward to the start-up of our new plant.

(Reference) Medium-term Management Plan (FY2018 to FY2022)

Becoming a Corporation that Supports the Health of People around the World

At present, we are running our business in Japan.

Fundely aspires to become a comprehensive health-care company and we will keep expanding by not only going beyond the field of food, but also delivering a wide range of products, information, and services to customers. We will grow into a company that can contribute to the good health of people around the world every day.

To meet the expectations of all stakeholders, we will make progress steadily while remaining true to the concept of "helping as many customers as possible," which is our vision in our corporate philosophy.

We hope that all our shareholders will continue to give us their generous support in the future.

May 7, 2019

Fundely Co., Ltd.
President, Founder
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